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Aug 11 / Janwillem Van Maele Industrial Design


Location: Dining room, Desk

What: This is an industrial conception of a profile. In this world one standard profile comes in six meters of pure aluminum. When cut there’s enough for one chair without spill.

How: This chair comes from one powder coated profile 20x20x4mm aluminium and massive or plywood seating.

Aug 11 / Janwillem Van Maele Industrial Design

Triangle chair

Location: Dining room

What: This chair stands for endless color possibilities and attention to the triangle detail. It comes with a secret handle for easy use.

How: White ash

Apr 22 / Janwillem Van Maele Industrial Design


Flow is the mental state of operation in which a person in an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and success in the process of the activity.
Jan 9 / Janwillem Van Maele Industrial Design


Location: Dinning table, desk

What: This chair brings back the flexibility in furniture. A plywood shell is attached on the upper part of two rails so the user can wiggle from back to front. What keeps the chair from bending down is a support mounted in the middle of the hand rail.

How: Plywood and screws

Dec 10 / Janwillem Van Maele Industrial Design


Location: Indoor, outdoor, on a mountaintop

What: Float is a concrete plane resting on massive oak beams. It is supplied as a flat package and comes in two colors: white and grey.  There are no connectors and can stand on any rough surfaces. The extended beams are structural and can serve for clothes, backpack hanger.

How: Concrete, oak beams

Displayed: Broeikast en andere meubels

Dec 10 / Janwillem Van Maele Industrial Design

Chair 01

Location: Indoor, dining room

What: Chair 01 is a stackable chair made from folded massive oak, seating is upholstered with leather or oak.

It is supplied as flat package with five main components, ten screws and seven protective pads.

How: Massive oak, leather, stainless screws

Dec 6 / Janwillem Van Maele Industrial Design

Minus One

Location: Indoor, outdoor, fairs

What: Joined forces : Brent Neve, Robben Peeters, Sofie Merlevede and Janwillem Van Maele created Minus One.

Minus one is a conceptual table that downgrades the plastic to its original form of solids with highlighting the aspect of comfort on the edges.

How: polypropyleen, polyethyleen, polymethylmethacrylaat, steel, felt,

Nominee Awareness Awards 2011

Displayed at Domotex Hannover 2011